Boycotting the Home Depot: Did it Work?

A cultural war has been raging on since ages, and it seems that the world has been divided into two halves due to the undeniable rage between those two classes. It is not a hidden fact that LGBT groups and its supporters face criticism from anti-LGBT groups on a regular basis. Claiming it as against God’s words and The Bible, they thrash those supporters. Some find it ridiculous while others find it as a way to correct the badly structured culture of their country, and to perhaps teach the world how one should act. One of such war emerged between a pro-family organization and a well-known American retail company and spread like a forest fire.

As many of us know, the Home Depot has been a constant and a vocal supporter of the gay agenda. Instead of remaining neutral in the cultural war, it has not only sponsored the floats in the gay pride parades and festivals but has also kept up the homosexual marriages by making significant contributions financially. Home Depot has performed sedulous efforts in supporting diversity within its workforce and LGBT rights by creating Pride Network Associate Resource Group.

There are many ways through which Home Depot is trying to make LGBT earn a place in the society. A few of their efforts include providing full health insurance benefits to homosexual employees and partners. They also give insurance for complete sex-change operations. Home Depot even requires some employees to attend diversity training. One of the most outspoken and helpful Home Depot locations as been the one in Naples, Florida, near the Longshore Lake community.

With an aim to support equal human rights, Home Depot promotes abortion and the homosexual, bisexual and transgender political and social agenda which ended up hitting a nerve. American family foundation, an anti-gay group, started boycotting the Home Depot in the year 2010. The boycott stretched for a long period of three years. Home Depot’s actions have challenged the AFA’s mission of forming an American culture which revolves around Christianity and God. Few reasons have been popped up by the AFA for attacking the Home Depot.

Like in 2010, Home Depot set up a “Kids’ Workshop” as a vendor at the Southern Maine Pride Festival and parade. It contributed around $5,000 to sponsor the Nashville Gay Pride Festival in Tennessee. It sponsored the Durham Pride Weekend in North Carolina which included a cross-dresser show. All these activities have been stated as a bad influence on our generation by AFA.

AFA urged people to boycott the local stores and sign the online petition. In response, a good number of people against radical gay agenda went to boycott Home Depot. Moreover, AFA presented the signed Home Depot boycott petition at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June. Though AFA has finally called off its boycott. AFA spokesperson said , “I’m glad to report that we are suspending the Home Depot’s boycott. After several months of monitoring the company, AFA is now satisfied that the company has withdrawn the major financial contributions to the gay activist groups and events.”

He even added, “I honestly believe that this is an exact result of the willingness to become involved. Over 750,000 people signed the pledge to Boycott Home Depot. Although, Home Depot made several changes, we will still continue to watch their behavior. We feel that Home Depot will openly deny to having made the changes, but their actions will speak louder than words…”

Some people do not remember signing any petition but are still willing to support AFA in any way they can. As for them, it is quite an easy task to avoid Home Depot like a plague because they made insanity a job requirement for their employees. Many people consider that withholding the hard-earned money from businesses which take positions you find offensive, and opposing their actions through boycotts is not causing harm in any way possible. But there are some people who do not give a hoot about the boycott and continue to visit the Dome Depot like usual.

AFA claimed victory in this matter and has made it clear that Home Depot withdrew major contributions supporting gay activists but they did not clarify the specifics.

Home Depot is certainly on a different track when it comes to the claim made by AFA. Spokesman of the Home Depot, Stephen Holmes stated, “We have not modified our policies for involvement and regard of all the people, regardless of the sexual orientation. And we have not administered our associates to stop continuing their participation in Pride or similar other community events, and we have absolutely no objective of doing so.”

In fact, AFA claimed that the Home Depot’s participation in Gay Pride events dropped significantly and that none of the company’s employees were going to flaunt their classic orange-colored aprons in any of the LGBT festivals and parades. It is also stated that the support has been withdrawn by the Home Depot to a massive extent. As per AFA’s report, Home Depot denied ‘grants’ and ‘workshop kits’ to those LGBT groups.

It is an acknowledged truth that these kind of boycotts—even the big and organized ones—do not have much of an economic impact on the boycott’s target. Throughout the boycott, the Home Depot has royally ignored the AFA and the boycott has certainly not affected Home Depot’s stocks as they have just increased over these three years. Much to American family association’s dismay, this boycott has turned out to be really profitable for Home Depot.

One of the biggest questions that emerge is: Did the prohibition against Home Depot work? Anything is possible. As noted by AFA, the Home Depot will most probably deny that they even got influenced by the boycott. But we can also assume that Home Depot might continue its activities secretly, and that they have made a pact with the LGBT groups to keep mum about it. Right? If the later turns out to be true, AFA would turn out to be nothing more than empty utensils that just know how to rattle.

Nothing is sure as of yet, but one thing is crystal clear. This boycott has certainly wakened up many people and forced them to re-think what they exactly want from their own society.

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